A usual Xfit class will consist of a quick intro to what will happen on the day (the WOD), followed by a warm-up specific to the workouts to come. We cover a wide range of Olympic lifts, metabolic conditioning work as well as mobility and stretching ensuring you experience a well-rounded session.

Learn the lingo!

  • EMOM  – every minute on the minute
  • Metcon – metabolic conditioning
  • WOD – workout of the day
  • AMRAP – as many rounds/reps as possible
  • RFT – rounds for time

These are just a handful of the terms CrossFit has created to describe their high intensity workouts.

You’ll get the lingo eventually, until then, ask away!

Remember To Bring

Comfortable (functional) workout shoes and clothing, a water bottle and towel. Above all else, a can-do attitude, after all, CrossFit is one of the most challenging fitness regimes out there!

Mn - St: 8:00am - 9:00pm